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The Jackfish Lake Management Association is an independent community-based, non-profit organization.  The mission of the JLMA is to provide for the management and conservation of Jackfish Lake resources for present and future generations; specifically the management and conservation of:
- surface use
- public safety
- water quality
- fish and wildlife
- development.

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Our goal is to cooperatively work with all levels of government and other agencies to achieve a harmonious balance between: the recreational use & development and the protection of environment & wildlife at Jackfish Lake, Alberta, Canada.

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To educate the Jackfish Lake residents and interest holders about the environmentally-sound use and management of the lake and its watershed.

To foster understanding and tolerance between various recreational groups and  to promote enforcement of boating regulations for a safe and enjoyable recreational experience at Jackfish Lake.

To provide a full range of programs/services tailored for the unique ecological and social sensitivities found at Jackfish Lake.

To encourage other lake communities to consider establishing  lake stewardship programs.

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Jackfish Lake, located approximately 60 km west of Edmonton, is a small, heavily developed lake that is classified for full recreational use.  As a result of its close proximity to the City of Edmonton and neighbouring communities, Jackfish Lake has long been subject to extensive lake shore development and surface use.  With approximately 60% of the shoreline developed, Alberta Environmental Protection considers Jackfish Lake to be at high risk of water quality and natural habitat deterioration.  Parkland County and the local RCMP have received numerous complaints regarding various activities at the lake resulting from boat congestion, lake user conflicts and regulation violations.

On September 1, 1995, over 200 concerned residents and users of Jackfish Lake attended a public meeting held at Mink Lake Hall. There were two issues: the threat of the county applying for a 10 Hp boating restriction as a way of remedying the on-going problems at the lake and rumours of another proposed subdivision application being submitted to the County.  Those in attendance were upset and confused as to what type of impact these potential changes would have on Jackfish Lake and its resources. The outcome of this meeting was to create a unified voice through the formation of an association.  The Jackfish Lake Management Association requested  that Parkland County allocate funds for the preparation of a Jackfish Lake Management Plan that would take into consideration the ecological and social sensitivities of this area and allow us to become a partner in the decision-making process. The Association also requested the deferral of any proposed boating restrictions and development until all issues affecting the Lake could be addressed through a comprehensive process and the completion of a lake management plan.

See also the JLMA Activities page.

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A board of directors represents the interests and subdivisions at Jackfish Lake and governs the operations of the JLMA.  It has an active, working executive consisting of the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  Members and non-members alike assist the Association in countless ways.  There is currently no paid administrative staff working for the JLMA.   All of the volunteer time is donated without monetary compensation except for reimbursement of reasonable out-of- pocket expenses.

Board of Directors <jlma[at]enable.org>
Executive: President, Vice-President, Secretary/JL Echo Chair, Treasurer
Directors: Membership, Social/Adult/Children Programs, Communications, Beach Reps Liaison
Beaches (subdivisions): Amity Bay, Bayshore, Edwards Beach (2), Evergreen Bay,
Farmland Northeast, Farmland Northwest, Farmland Southeast, Farmland Southwest,
Jackfish Lake Island, Kenglened, Lake Avenue, Paramac Cove, Paramac Point (1-15, 16-30),
Rainbow Beach, Steven's Beach, Two Island Point, Weekend Estates, Weekend Estates backlots

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